11 April

Wreath-laying Buchenwald

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Musical opening
Die Moorsoldaten (recording)
Music: Rudi Goguel
Lyrics: Johann Esser and Wolfgang Langhoff

Professor Jens-Christian Wagner
Director of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation

Commemorative words
Birgit Keller
President of the Thuringian State Parliament

Video messages
Dominique Durand
President of the International Committee of Buchenwald-Dora and Subcamps

Naftali Fürst
Chairman of the Advisory Board of Former Inmates of Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Musical closing
Song of Buchenwald (recording)
Music: Hermann Leopoldi
Lyrics: Fritz Löhner-Beda

The livestream is provided in the languages: German (original), German with subtitles, English, French, Polish, Russian and Hebrew.

Wreath-laying ceremony on the former roll call square of the Buchenwald concentration camp.

13:00 Uhr

Non-public event - Live stream via liberation.buchenwald.de