20 April

Why Am I Here? A Child‘s journey through the Holocaust

Why Am I Here? A Child‘s Journey Through the Holocaust

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Julius Maslovat is among the youngest of the only 5,000 children under the age of 16 who survived the Nazi concentration camps and the youngest prisoner on record in Buchenwald concentration camp.

Julius Maslovat has only one memory of the Nazi concentration camps in which he was interned as an infant and toddler: an open-roofed cattle car. That car, and a deep emotion that moved him to tears when he heard a particular lullaby, were the only traces of his imprisonment in the camps before he was three. Julius grew up in Finland and was educated as an engineer in England. He has done extensive research into the conditions and events of the last few months of the Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. The result of his work is documented in the video archive of Bergen-Belsen. He is a sought-after speaker in Canada and abroad on the subject of the Holocaust.

Why am I Here? was made about his journey of self-discovery through his collection of various historical documents that are linked to his life, about his very personal past and about the brave individuals who helped him to survive through his time in concentration camps.

Live discussion after the screening with Julius Maslovat, Jens-Christian Wagner and Markus Wegewitz (in English).

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Canada 2019 | 46‘ | Original with subtitles (English/German) | a film by Chorong Kim

19:00 Uhr

Stream via liberation.buchenwald.de