13 April

Triangles Rouges à Buchenwald

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This documentary tells the story of the secret resistance group organised by political prisoners in Buchenwald, the ‘red triangles’ (les triangles rouges). Over 56,000 people were murdered in the Buchenwald concentration camp, one of the central facilities in the National Socialist camp system. Remarkable men imprisoned in Buchenwald fought to secretly organise the resistance group known as the International Camp Committee. By the time American soldiers were approaching Weimar on 11 April 1945, the resistance groups in the camp were well organised and prepared to fight for liberation. On the afternoon of the same day, Buchenwald concentration camp and its 21,000 prisoners were finally liberated.

But how could such a resistance movement form inside the camp, the ‘human shredder’ that embodied National Socialist ideology? How did the spirit of resistance withstand forced labour, cold, hunger, brutal mistreatment and disease – in short: systematic dehumanisation? How were hope and humanity preserved?

These questions are partially answered by three words: solidarity, belief and courage. This is discussed by the seven eyewitnesses Floréal Barrier, Raymond Renaud, François Perrot, Jacques Moalic, Gaston Viens, Bertrand Herz, and Aron Bulwa. The film is dedicated to these seven men, who maintained their dignity and took on responsibility in the most horrifying moments of their imprisonment.

The film was produced with the assistance of the Association Française Buchenwald Dora et Kommandos and its supporters.

Live discussion after the screening with Agnès Triebel and Joachim König.

France 2018 | 75‘ | In French with German subtitles | Director: Anice Clément

19:00 Uhr

Stream via liberation.buchenwald.de