06 April

Ja, Andrei Iwanowitsch. Film about a Life

Ja, Andrei Iwanowitsch. Film über ein Leben

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The hero of this film is an apparently average man named Andrei. He goes to work, likes to travel, helps his neighbour, enjoys an active love life. But something sets him apart from everyone else. On closer inspection, he seems to have found the key to an eternal and fulfilling life, even though fate has severely tested him in the course of his own life – namely, at the age of 15, Andrei was deported to the Buchenwald concentration camp. He survived and never gave up, not even when his family members died one by one after the war.

The film contrasts the clever way in which he goes about everyday life while reconciling this life with his tragic backstory. Andrei is now 95 years old and on his own, but he is completely happy.

Live discussion after the screening with Andrei Iwanowitsch, Hannes Farlock and Julia Landau.

Germany/Belarus 2018 | 70:47‘ | In Russian with German subtitles | Director: Hannes Farlock

19:00 Uhr

Stream via liberation.buchenwald.de